Sports Injuries

Introduction to Sports Injuries

It is important to treat acute sports injuries promptly to promote good quality healing of the soft tissues, limiting the potential for the problem to develop into a chronic condition, thus leading to a swifter return to sporting activity.

How Can Physio2go Help?

    All the physiotherapists at our Physio2go® clinic have post-graduate training in the management of sports related injuries. Sports injuries require fast and accurate diagnosis so that treatment can target the structure at fault quickly and precisely allowing a speedy recovery.


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Many sports people have biomechanical factors that contribute towards a repetitive micro-trauma lesion. This can lead to misalignment as a result of poor dynamic control of one or more joints due to structural changes or muscle weakness. It is important to ensure that these issues are addressed, especially in the case of repeated injury to those ‘weak spots’!

An appreciation to detail is vital in the diagnosis of these injuries. The mechanism of injury is often key to identifying the structures that may have been put under excessive stress at the moment of injury, or repetitively put under micro-trauma leading to a more gradual onset of symptoms. In most cases your clinical history coupled with our therapist’s assessment and examination provides enough information to initiate treatment. When required, physio2go works in collaboration with your GP or Consultant to ensure that any further investigation, x-rays/scans are employed to initiate a treatment plan.

Treatment Details

It is essential that management of the injury takes into account the specific needs of the patient. The school age footballer or tennis player will require a different level of intervention than the middle-age weekend cricket player or golfer. The expectations of the patient, the underlying level of fitness and the potential for other health problems should and do come into play when setting goals for treatment.

A wide range of treatments are available at physio2go to facilitate and maximise your recovery:

  • Manual therapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Sports specific exercise therapy
  • Manipulation
  • Acupuncture

These treatment modalities combined with further exercise at home will speed the process along.

Physio2Go also offer Sports Massage to aid and speed up recovery.

What our patients say...

Julie P

"Just returned from our weeks skiing holiday in Cervinia, Italy with no bones broken and not a twinge in the shoulder! I think we've cracked it! Thank you so much, regards, Julie"


"Many thanks for the treatment a week ago now. Just that one treatment has been very successful and I have no pain in my elbow at all at present. I managed the golf invitation day fine last Wednesday with no discomfort. I was most fortunate to get the cancellation on the day and I appreciated you fitting me in. Judy."

Martin R

"Just a quick word of thanks. Sam and I had a perfect skiing holiday and my leg was absolutely fine. That was thanks entirely to you! Thanks again, Martin"

Jean S

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Back in the early days of January I never thought I would play hockey again. I played 45 minutes last Saturday in a very good game (although we lost 1-0) and really did enjoy it. I really do appreciate your skills."

Georgina J

"I DID IT! Thanks so much for all your help and getting me through the training."

Amanda R

"Thank you ever so much for managing to get my foot back to normal and enable me to run the half marathon. I managed 1 hour 59 mins which I was so pleased with especially because I always wanted to run it under 2 hours. There was a point for a minute where I didn't think I would be able to even run it but with your amazing equipment and expertise, I managed to. We raised £10,000 as our final amount for the ECH hospital so I know you will understand why this was extremely important to me. Thank you so much, Amanda."