Ostenil Plus Joint Injections

What are synovial joints?

Most of the joints in the body are synovial joints e.g. knee, shoulder, hip, fingers, toes. In a synovial joint the bone ends are enclosed in a thick capsule which contains a thick, slippery liquid called synovial fluid. The capsule is made of strong, fibrous tissue (often reinforced by ligaments) and is lined by the synovial membrane, which produces synovial fluid to replace the natural breakdown of “old” synovial fluid. In osteoarthritis, however this natural balance is disturbed and breakdown happens faster than production leading to the synovial fluid becoming more watery and less efficient. This can lead to the cartilage in the joint gradually wearing away and the onset of the symptoms of osteoarthritis – pain, stiffness and swelling.

What is Ostenil ®Plus?

Ostenil ®Plus is a solution containing Hyaluronic Acid and Mannitol (a simple sugar derivative which allows the hyaluronic acid to work for longer and more efficiently in the joint). Hyaluronic acid is the most important constituent of synovial fluid and has four important functions:

1. It keeps the bones slightly apart, protecting their cartilage coverings from wear and tear
2. It absorbs shocks, again protecting the cartilage
3. It lubricates the joint, helping it to work freely and easily
4. It acts as a filter, letting nutrients reach the cartilage, but blocking the passage of harmful cells and substances

How does it work?

    A solution of Ostenil ®Plus is injected into the space in the joint that contains the synovial fluid and works by restoring the natural balance between the breakdown and production of hyaluronic acid. This effect means that it can decrease pain and stiffness and improve the other symptoms of osteoarthritis.

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What can I expect if I decide to have treatment with Ostenil® Plus?

You may not notice any benefit immediately after your injection, but will gradually experience a reduction in pain and stiffness. The improvement in your symptoms is likely to persist for several months, depending on the progression of the degenerative change in the joint being treated.
When the effects of your Ostenil® Plus injection wear off, you can safely choose to have another injection if your clinician agrees it is appropriate.

How much does the treatment cost?

We use Ostenil® Plus for large joints such as, knee, ankle, shoulder, wrist. For smaller joints such as toes or fingers, we use Ostenil® Mini as the volume of injection is less. The treatment fees quoted include the cost of the appointment time and the Ostenil®.

Ostenil® Plus injection £250

Ostenil® Mini injection £200

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What our patients say...


Ostenil Injections - Here's what DW had to say after having an Ostenil injection in her knee for early osteoarthritis. 'Immediately after the injection I was able to tackle stairs without any pain. The increased stability and lack of pain has enabled me to further increase my mobility. I am delighted with the results of the injection.'    


Yesterday I had an Ostenil Plus injection in my very painful knee, if only I’d known about this treatment years ago, I would have saved myself years of pain & restriction in mobility . I received the recommendation for Physio2Go from my daughter who has used the clinic for a few years now for a different problem, she just happened to notice the poster about Ostenil. I honestly couldn’t believe the relief was immediate, flexibility returned & pain free. Thank you so much Mark Adshead, you are a magician. I would have no hesitation in having this treatment again & highly recommend Physio2Go. Lesley Blackman