Introduction to Orthopaedics: Joint pain, joint repair/replacement and trauma

As the physically active baby boom generation “ages gracefully”, their joints are showing signs of wear and tear (osteoarthritis).

Improved technology and increased availability is leading to more people opting for joint replacement surgery. Each year over 75,000 people in England and Wales receive new hips or new knees, most of these are performed because of osteoarthritis.

How Can Physio2go Help?

    Physio2go can help patients to cope with acute flare-ups of chronic joint disease, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  Our physiotherapists offer a range of treatments aimed at pain management, reducing inflammation and increasing mobility.

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Treatment details

Physio2go offers the following treatments to our orthopaedic surgery, arthritis and trauma patients:

  • Accurate assessment, diagnosis and treatment
  • A holistic approach of manual therapy, electrotherapy, acupuncture and exercised based treatment
  • Personalised exercise plans which can be emailed or printed out for your convenience

Physio2go specialises in providing a fully integrated package of care that can include treatment in your own home when it is not possible to visit our clinic. This enables you to continue receiving treatment when it is most beneficial, avoiding the frustration and anxiety that delays can cause.

Our clinical team offers advice and treatment to patients before and after surgery.

What our patients say...

Joan W

"Shoulder did not let me down during my travels and I'm pleased to say seems to be near normal. Thanks for your expertise and kindness."

Pauline Hagerman

"I have just seen my doctor and he is very pleased with my shoulder.Happy surgeon,happy physio and happy patient.So many thanks and see you soon."

Neil Illingworth

St. Albans

I just want to thank you for your expert treatment, there's been a huge turnaround thanks to you!