Stephanie Martin-Smith Sports Massage Therapist

Steph began her nursing career at 18 working initially mainly in a hospital and then later in general practice at a St Albans GP surgery. Always interested in keeping fit and wellbeing she trained as a massage therapist in 2002 graduating with a Diploma in Sports Massage at the London School of Sports Massage.

Steph offers both sports and deep tissue massage. Sports massage is the most intensive type of massage but both target tight or painful areas (such as most commonly neck, shoulder and back pain). Both are suitable for everyone from an elite athlete to someone who spends hours sitting at a computer all day to a keen gardener.

Sports and deep tissue massage often promote recovery from injury, ease stiffness in tired or damaged muscles, alleviate the effects of stress and tension, may improve and stimutate circultation and help to counter sporting injuries, increase endurance and improve posture.

A keen runner, cyclist and hiker for many years, Steph regularly treats members of her running and cycling clubs.