Julienne Arden-Rose Pilates teacher

  • BSc (Hons) in Sports & Exercise Science
  • Polestar Pilates Qualified Instructor
  • Core Training Specialist

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Julienne Arden-Rose certified in both Pilates mat work and studio equipment with Polestar Pilates UK and Pilates Precision. She has a First Class Honours Degree (B.Sc ) in Sports & Exercise Science from the University of Luton and a certificate in Nutrition Science.

Julienne has worked in the fitness industry for many years and regularly attends workshops, conventions and self mastery classes for continuing professional education. She now assists on Polestar Pilates Instructor courses in Spittalfields London, one of the international training centres for Polestar. Her area of expertise concentrates on “core training” and correct body alignment for sport or daily living.

Julienne has worked internationally with physiotherapists, assisting with the rehabilitation of clients following acute injury, surgery, and in the management of chronic conditions. Pilates, under the supervision of a skilled instructor, can help to alleviate pain, improve fitness, strength, flexibility and body awareness.

“I am passionate about teaching; I will meet you at your present level of fitness and work with you to meet your specific goals. I work with my clients to enable them to feel great and look good at any age! We will focus on correct postural alignment, a personalised exercise programme and nutritional advice. I want you to be the best you can be!”

What our patients say about Julienne Arden-Rose Pilates teacher

Mrs Matthews


“I have a background in practising yoga and tai chi along with a general interest in ensuring that I remain fit and mobile for at least the next couple of decades or possibly longer. At almost 60, some of my similarly aged colleagues are throwing in the towel. I think the towel can be used as a fitness tool. In the spirit of catching people doing something right, I want to ring my endorsement both of Pilates and of the way that Julienne Arden-Rose guides, coaches, cajoles and helps me get far better results than I could have anticipated. Now that I'm approaching 60, Pilates and Julienne together are significantly helping to correct some of my physical/postural faults developed over far too many years hunched over a PC keyboard. If you are prepared to put some work in then I thoroughly recommend Julienne Arden-Rose and Pilates as a route to regaining person-shape rather than looking like a question-mark.”