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Getting treatment for skiing injuries is easy!


Recovering from injury after an exhilarating holiday!

Are you suffering from a niggling pain since your holiday or maybe nursing an injury? Addressing the issue early means that not only will you loose the misery of pain quicker, you may also require a lot less time in treatment.

No matter what your fitness level, for most of us Skiing or Snowboarding for at least 5 hours a day, over a number of days, will inevitably be a strain on the body.

Whatever your injury our experienced team use a variety of techniques best suited to you ranging from manual therapies, electrotherapy (e.g. ultrasound, shockwave), exercise prescription, bracing, acupuncture and Ostenil injection therapy.

In addition to dealing with existing conditions our Physio team can advise on and help you to devise a programme to prepare for your next ski season:

  • Flexibility
  • Core stability training
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Balance and co-ordination

Book an appointment today to see our experienced sports physiotherapist Paul Carter at a special ski season discounted rate of £62, for your initial appointment, please reference this article to claim your discount.

We know fitting time in for yourself is often not that easy, our clinic is open evenings and weekends, see our clinic opening hours.  Book an appointment online or call us on 01727 850925.

Book an appointment today at Physio2go in St Albans.