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Knee Replacement Patients: Who needs more Intensive physiotherapy?


My eye was drawn to this article in The Scotsman newspaper the other day. A group of researchers in Scotland are carrying out research which will identify which patients would benefit from further more intensive physiotherapy following knee replacement surgery.

Physio2go often sees patients following knee replacement surgery. Our experience with these patients is very much in line with the national picture in that the large proportion of patients recover exceptionally well following a course of 8 – 12 sessions of physiotherapy. Some patients however may struggle to recover quickly and experience pain which seriously affects their everyday lives.

When we develop a treatment plan for our knee replacement patients, we can often identify, from experience alone, which patients will do very well and which patients may run into problems in their recovery (approximately 1 in 5 throughout the UK). We often find that one or two sessions prior to surgery can give patients a head start in their recovery so that they know what to expect and how to get started with their rehabilitation as they have practised their exercises and become used to the regime before they go in to hospital.

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