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Accurate and effective diagnosis

I’ve had 4 years of intermittent neck pain. During this time I’ve managed the pain by trying a variety of different therapists in the hope of finding relief but also a diagnosis . This has included 2 chiropractors, 3 Osteopaths, 3 Physiotherapists and sports massage. I’ve also been referred by the GP to the St Albans City hospital physio therapy department for a full assessment. None of these specialists could provide an answer as to why I was having these issues, they simply alleviated the discomfort for a while.
I had largely accepted that this had become a chronic condition that I’d have to live with .
Paul’s initial assessment found an entirely different cause. The problem was not in fact with my neck but rather with the A/C joint in my shoulder . Since starting treatment with Paul there has been a marked improvement and I now feel better equipped to deal with an episode of pain. His exercise program has strengthened my shoulder and I have much more movement in the joint as a result of his joint mobilisation treatment. He also wrote a letter to my GP and I was referred for a MRI scan which confirmed his diagnosis.
I finally have a diagnosis and treatment plan that is accurate and effective. Thank you